What Pickleball Paddle Do The Pros Use?

Pickleball professionals often use high-quality paddles made from advanced materials like carbon fiber, graphite, or composite materials. While there is no single brand or model used universally by all professional players, some popular brands and paddle models frequently used by pros include:

Selkirk Sport: Selkirk is known for its AMPED and Vanguard series paddles, which are popular choices among professional players for their control, power, and durability.

Paddletek: The Paddletek Tempest series, particularly the Tempest Wave and Tempest Wave Pro, are popular among pros due to their combination of control, power, and touch.

Engage Pickleball: Engage offers the Encore and Elite Pro series paddles, both known for their responsive feel and excellent control, making them popular choices for professional players.

Onix Pickleball: Onix produces paddles like the Evoke Premier and Z5 series that are favored by some professional players for their power, control, and consistency.

ProLite: ProLite’s Titan and Chrome N-R-G paddles are popular among some pros for their excellent touch, power, and control.

Head Pickleball: Head’s Radical and Extreme series paddles are appreciated by some professional players for their combination of power, control, and spin capabilities.

It’s important to note that the choice of a pickleball paddle is subjective and depends on a player’s personal preferences, play style, and individual needs. Professional players may experiment with different brands and models to find the one that best suits their style and enhances their performance. The best approach for any player, regardless of skill level, is to try various paddles and find the one that feels most comfortable and complements their play style.