What Paddles Do Pickleball Pros Use?

Pickleball pros often use paddles made of high-quality materials that provide optimal performance, control, and power. While individual preferences may vary, some popular paddle brands and models among professional players include:

Selkirk Amped Series: Selkirk is a well-known brand in the pickleball world, and their Amped series offers a range of paddles with different shapes and sizes. These paddles are designed for increased control, power, and sweet spot size. Models like the Amped S2, Amped Invikta, and Amped Epic are popular among professionals.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro: The Tempest Wave Pro is a popular choice for its balance of power and control. The paddle has a graphite playing surface and a polymer core, making it lightweight and providing excellent touch.

Engage Encore Pro: Engage is another reputable brand, and their Encore Pro paddle is known for its ability to generate spin and provide consistent ball response. The paddle’s core is made of a specialized polymer, while the face is made of a proprietary fiberglass skin.

Onix Z5: The Onix Z5 is a popular paddle among pros, with its Nomex honeycomb core and graphite face offering a good balance between power and control. This paddle is known for its wide hitting surface and durability.

Prince Response Pro: The Prince Response Pro features a unique rounded shape that provides a consistent sweet spot and excellent control. It has a polymer core and a fiberglass surface, allowing for a good balance of power, spin, and touch.

Head Radical Pro: This paddle features a Dynamic Power Shape, which provides a larger sweet spot and increased power. The paddle has a polymer core and a graphite hitting surface for an excellent balance of touch and power.

It is important to note that professional players may have sponsorships and endorsements with specific brands, which can influence their choice of equipment. However, the paddles mentioned above are known for their quality and performance, making them popular among pros and competitive players. When selecting a paddle, it’s crucial to consider factors such as playing style, skill level, and personal preferences.