Pickleball Court Lehi UT

Find the best pickleball courts near you in Lehi, UT. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor courts, we can help you find the perfect place to play pickleball in Lehi, UT.


2764 North 675 East
Lehi, UT 84043

Immune Tree

2764 North 675 East
Lehi, UT 84043

Rage Fitness

(801) 358-2089
1560 Trinnaman Ln
Lehi, UT 84043

Utah Sports Center

4425 Thanksgiving Way
Lehi, UT 84043

Health Club

801- 785-8080
4373 Briarwood Ln
Lehi, UT 84043

Ranches Golf Club

(801) 789-8101
4128 Clubhouse Ln
Lehi, UT 84043

Crossfit Timpanogos

(801) 230-8687
120 S 1350 E Suite #1
Lehi, UT 84043

Anytime Fitness Lehi, Ut

(801) 768-8555
1438 E Main Street, Suite 7
Lehi, UT 84043

Talonscove Golf Club

(801) 407-3033
2220 Talons Cv
Lehi, UT 84043

Tim Sands


Lehi, UT 84043

Curves Lehi/Cedar Fort/Eagle Mountain/Saratoga Springs

785 East 200 South – #12
Lehi, UT 84043

Contours Express

801- 766-6734
1310 Redwood Rd
Lehi, UT 84043

Curves Lehicedarforteaglemountainsaratoga Ut

785 East 200 South, #12
Lehi, UT 84043

Anytime Fitness

(801) 768-8555
1438 E Main Street
Lehi, UT 84043

Pickleball Court FAQ in Lehi, UT

Why is pickleball more fun than tennis?

Most importantly, pickleball is just more fun and is a much faster, more creative sport. The variety of shots and angles is much greater in pickleball than in tennis. Pickleball dinking and volleying is much more prolonged, varies more dramatically in speed, and is starkly more interesting than tennis rallies.

Is pickleball a good workout?

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, suggests that pickleball can provide a moderate workout for middle-aged or older people. But they would need to play as much as 4.5 hours a week to meet recommended exercise guidelines.

What is proper pickleball attire?

Pickleball doesn’t have an official dress code. For top performance benefits, it’s best to wear breathable, moisture-wicking clothing designed for athletes. Pickleball is not a seasonal sport, so you can play indoor or outdoor any time of year. If you’re playing in chilly weather, be sure to wear warm layers.

Do you wear tennis clothes for pickleball?

Players wear just about anything comfortable and appropriate for the climate: athletic shorts, sweatpants, wicking apparel, t-shirts, etc. Tennis-style dresses and skirts for females are common.

Can the ball hit your body in pickleball?

Hand Hitting the Ball: Balls hit by the paddle hand below the wrist while holding the paddle, are legal. It is a fault if a ball hits any other part of the body.

Can 2 people hit the ball in pickleball?

Double-hits are typically not allowed in pickleball, as only one player is allowed to hit the ball once when it is hit to their side. However, if the double-hit is determined to be accidental and continuous, meaning the second hit occurred during the same swing, it is legal.

Why do older people love pickleball so much?

It’s a low-impact way to get moving And because the court is smaller than a tennis court, the net is lower, and you play with a plastic wiffle ball, “it doesn’t take too much out of your body,” says Arthur Kreiswirth, 80, a retired dentist in New Rochelle, N.Y., who started playing five years ago.

What is the most difficult thing to do in pickleball?

One of the hardest things to do in the sport of pickleball is to keep the pickleball low (while still over the net). A low pickleball will prevent your opponents from being able to go on the offensive with an aggressive shot.

Is asphalt or concrete better for pickleball court?

What are the different types of Pickleball Court playing surfaces? Asphalt courts are faster to construct, lower initial cost, and need more frequent maintenance. Concrete courts are more durable, low maintenance, and crack resistant. The biggest drawback to asphalt courts is that they crack (so may concrete).

How do you determine your pickleball skill level?

A pickleball player’s skill level is determined by looking at physical and strategic abilities, namely control, consistency, and adaptability. Physically, this includes forehands, serves, dinks, volleys, etc. Strategically, this includes adaptive play styles, pace control, tactical placement, etc.

Who serves first in pickleball?

Start of the game – One player from each team will use the rock, paper, scissor method to determine who serves first. 3. Serve – To determine the first server, one player from each team will play rock, paper, scissors. Winner will determine whether to serve or receive.

Can you hit a pickleball and then call it out?

Players should call “out” balls promptly, which means that the “out” call should be before the opponent(s) hit the pickleball or the ball becomes dead. Players cannot wait until the end of a point or after a shot to make the appropriate call – the line call must be prompt.

Can you make a mini pickleball court?

The minimum recommended size for a pickleball court is 30’x60′. That is exactly one fourth the size of a standard tennis court pad.