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Find the best places to play pickleball near you in Franklin, TN. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we can help you discover the top locations to play pickleball in Franklin, TN. From indoor and outdoor courts to community centers and parks, we can connect you with places to play pickleball in Franklin, TN and help you find the perfect match for your skill level and preferences.

Local Businesses

Curves Franklin Tn

1113 Murfreesboro Rd.307 Williamson Square
Franklin, TN 37064


801 Crescent Centre Dr Ste 400
Franklin, TN 37067

Mid American Wellness Institute


Franklin, TN 37064

Anytime Fitness Franklin, Tn

(615) 791-9666
4115 Mallory Lane
Franklin, TN 37067

Life Centre L L C Community

(615) 567-6538
103 Confederate Dr
Franklin, TN 37064

Play It Again Sports

Coolsprings Xing
Franklin, TN 37067

Creative Wellness Communications

1115 Vaughn Crest Dr
Franklin, TN 37069

Fitness Solutions

9100A Carothers Pkwy
Franklin, TN 37067

Temple Fitness

(615) 791-0010
114 Se Parkway Ct
Franklin, TN 37064

D 1 Sports Training

7115 S Springs Dr
Franklin, TN 37067

Ymca Franklin Family

501 S Royal Oaks Blvd
Franklin, TN 37064

Curves For Women

615- 771-2112
330 Mayfield Dr
Franklin, TN 37067

Chadwicks Personal Training

(615) 778-9992
206 Cool Springs Blvd
Franklin, TN 37067


801 Crescent Centre Dr
Franklin, TN 37067

Chadwick’S Fitness And Performance

119 Seaboard Ln # 401
Franklin, TN 37067

Curves For Women

615- 595-1979
307 Williamson Sq
Franklin, TN 37064

Punch Kettlebell Gym – Nashville

(615) 224-9898
1550 60
Franklin, TN 37067

Fitness Together-Franklin

(615) 599-2550
1031 Center Point Pl
Franklin, TN 37064

Prairie Life Fitness Center

(615) 764-3984
300 Shingle Way
Franklin, TN 37067

Bikram Coolsprings

215 Gothic Court
Franklin, TN 37067

Pickleball FAQ in Franklin, TN

Do you have to be in shape to play pickleball?

Pickleball is typically played as doubles (with two teams of two), but can also be played one-to-one. The smaller court size makes pickleball easier on the body — there’s no need to cover a huge area on foot the way you may need to while playing tennis — so athletic prowess isn’t a prerequisite here.

What island is the birthplace of pickleball?

Widely considered to be the fastest growing sport in America, Pickleball is a unique sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong.

What age group plays pickleball the most?

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America for the past three years. Players 18-34 make up the largest percentage of pickleball players at 28.8% nationwide. There are currently 10,320 pickleball courts in the United States.

What is the most important skill in pickleball?

Dinking. Dinking is essential to any pickleball strategy. This is a move that isn’t just an important part of your arsenal but should be your primary skill. Anyone that’s been to a pickleball training camp will tell you the same.

What are 3 benefits about playing pickleball?

Moderate intensity exercise from pickleball can lower your blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and blood sugar regulation, and burn calories to help you maintain a healthy weight. While getting a great, agile workout, the movement of your paddle — and entire body — can tone your muscles and improve your balance.

Do you have to stay out of the kitchen in pickleball?

Even if you successfully volley the ball to your opponent, you must stay out of the kitchen to avoid a fault. You can even fault on dead balls.

Do you wear tennis clothes for pickleball?

Players wear just about anything comfortable and appropriate for the climate: athletic shorts, sweatpants, wicking apparel, t-shirts, etc. Tennis-style dresses and skirts for females are common.

Does pickleball have a dress code?

Does Pickleball Have a Dress Code? Pickleball doesn’t have an official dress code. For top performance benefits, it’s best to wear breathable, moisture-wicking clothing designed for athletes.

Can I make a pickleball court in my driveway?

For people looking for a pristine, smooth, and perfectly level court, Randy recommends working with a certified court builder. But for those looking to create a place to play the game you love on a tight budget, you can quite easily turn your driveway into a pickleball court.

How many times a week should you play pickleball?

On average, for the most health benefits, you should plan to play pickleball three days a week, says BrainMD. This schedule gives you time to rest and recover your body in between games. Some people may wish to play pickleball more often, such as four or five times a week.

Can you step in the kitchen after you hit in pickleball?

You can jump and land in the kitchen in pickleball so long as you aren’t hitting the ball as a volley. This would be a fault if your body is in the act of volleying and your momentum lands in the kitchen. If the ball has bounced first, or you just feel like jumping in, this would not violate volley motion.

Do you have to stay out of the kitchen in pickleball?

Even if you successfully volley the ball to your opponent, you must stay out of the kitchen to avoid a fault. You can even fault on dead balls.

What is Rule 7 H in pickleball?

7. H. After the serveThe initial strike of the ball to start the rally., the ball contacts a player or anything the player is wearing or carrying, except the paddle or the player’s hand(s) in contact with the paddle and below the wrist.

What happens if you hit an out ball in pickleball?

More importantly, this counts even if the “out” call happened after you hit the ball since the assumption was that indeed the ball was out. Having said that, if you hit a ball that hasn’t bounced, but it was clearly going out, the ball is still in play because you have to let it bounce first.

What does dink mean in pickleball?

A soft shot hit on a bounce from the NVZ intended to arc over the net and land within the opposing NVZ either straight across or diagonally crosscourt. An effective dink arcs downward as it crosses the net, creating a more difficult shot to return than a power shot.