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Find the best places to play pickleball near you in Piqua, OH. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we can help you discover the top locations to play pickleball in Piqua, OH. From indoor and outdoor courts to community centers and parks, we can connect you with places to play pickleball in Piqua, OH and help you find the perfect match for your skill level and preferences.

Local Businesses

Curves Piqua Oh

1598 Covington Avenue, #150
Piqua, OH 45356

Curves Piqua

100 N. Sunset Dr. – #2 ; #3
Piqua, OH 45356

Willowbrook Hunt Club

(937) 773-1871
8500 Looney Rd
Piqua, OH 45356

Anytime Fitness Piqua, Oh

(937) 451-3771
1571 Covington Avenue, #3B
Piqua, OH 45356

Piqua Country Club

(937) 615-1271
9812 Country Club Rd
Piqua, OH 45356

Piqua Country Club Inc

937- 773-7744
9812 Country Club Rd
Piqua, OH 45356

Curves For Women

937- 778-8520
1552 Covington Ave
Piqua, OH 45356

Aerobic Programs-Kathy Henne

1200 Park Ave
Piqua, OH 45356

Piqua Fish And Game Club Caretaker

(937) 778-8367
1116 Chevy Ln
Piqua, OH 45356

Total Fitness

(937) 773-9133
9030 Country Club Rd
Piqua, OH 45356

Tecumseh Woods

(937) 773-9052
1103 Lenox St
Piqua, OH 45356

Anytime Fitness

(937) 451-3771
1571 Covington Ave
Piqua, OH 45356

Piqua Youth Soccer Assn

(937) 773-3320
1421 South St
Piqua, OH 45356

Pickleball FAQ in Piqua, OH

How many calories do you burn playing pickleball?

But according to Parade’s source, “most estimates range from 8-10 calories per minute of pickleball played.” Let’s crunch the numbers: 8-10 calories/minute means 240-300 calories per game (assuming your game lasts about 30 minutes).

What is the average age of a pickleball player?

Players aged 18 to 34 were the second largest age bracket, making up 18.5% of total participants. The average age of pickleball players was 38.1 years in 2021.

Do you have to be fit to play pickleball?

Pickleball can be played by people of all ages and fitness levels. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s silly or not a good workout. Anyone who says it’s easy or not a good form of exercise is probably someone that has never actually stepped foot on a pickleball court.

Can you step into the kitchen in pickleball?

You can jump and land in the kitchen in pickleball so long as you aren’t hitting the ball as a volley. This would be a fault if your body is in the act of volleying and your momentum lands in the kitchen. If the ball has bounced first, or you just feel like jumping in, this would not violate volley motion.

What is the most common injury in pickleball?

“”In my experience, the most common pickleball injuries involve the knees and lower back,”” says Dr. Song.

What does Dill mean in pickleball?

Dill Ball – A ball in play; a standard shot that has bounced once on the opponent’s side. Dink – A shot struck softly so it drops into the opponent’s non-volley zone and is often difficult to return.

Do you have to be in shape to play pickleball?

Pickleball is typically played as doubles (with two teams of two), but can also be played one-to-one. The smaller court size makes pickleball easier on the body — there’s no need to cover a huge area on foot the way you may need to while playing tennis — so athletic prowess isn’t a prerequisite here.

Is pickleball a good workout?

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, suggests that pickleball can provide a moderate workout for middle-aged or older people. But they would need to play as much as 4.5 hours a week to meet recommended exercise guidelines.

Why do old people love pickleball?

Playing pickleball and other racket sports helps with hand-eye coordination. This is something that as we age is important, since it is required for many daily activities like eating or driving. These exercises also help with balance which is under threat with age, but essential to maintain to help avoid falls.

What are the 3 etiquettes of pickleball?

Remember: Pickleball is only a game. Begin each game by acknowledging the other players and introducing yourself if you don’t know them. If the ball is out and it’s on your side, call it out. Never ask for (nor accept) line calls from spectators. Play with all skill levels.