Pickleball Court Franklin MA

Find the best pickleball courts near you in Franklin, MA. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor courts, we can help you find the perfect place to play pickleball in Franklin, MA.

Franklin Taekwondo Academy

(508) 553-2888
36 E Central St
Franklin, MA 02038

World Gym

166 Grove St
Franklin, MA 02038

Franklin Youth Soccer Assn

(508) 520-4070
42 Forest St
Franklin, MA 02038

Hockomock Area Ymca Franklin Branch

45 Forge Hill Rd
Franklin, MA 02038

Curves For Women

508- 528-0908
480 Franklin Village Dr
Franklin, MA 02038

Boston Sports Clubs-Franklin

508- 528-5960
750 Union St
Franklin, MA 02038

The Adirondack Club

(508) 541-1400
800 Chestnut St
Franklin, MA 02038

Franklin Martial Arts

16 E Central St
Franklin, MA 02038

Ymca Hockomock Area Franklin Branch

(508) 528-8708
45 Forge Hill Rd
Franklin, MA 02038

Boston Sports Club At Franklin

750 Union St
Franklin, MA 02038

Fitness Together Franklin Ma

(508) 520-6888
13 Main Street
Franklin, MA 02038

Villari’S Self Defense Centers

1000 Chestnut St
Franklin, MA 02038


31 Hayward St
Franklin, MA 02038

Forge Hill Family Ymca

(508) 528-8708
45 Forge Hill Rd
Franklin, MA 02038


385 W Central St
Franklin, MA 02038

Truly You Yoga

490 Summer Street
Franklin, MA 02038

Core Fitness Center

(508) 541-6880
166 Grove St
Franklin, MA 02038

Team Fitness Franklin

(508) 541-8330
100 Franklin Village Drive
Franklin, MA 02038

Boston Sports Clubs At Franklin

(508) 528-5960
750 Union St
Franklin, MA 02038

Villaris Martial Arts Center

(508) 520-0409
1000 Chestnut St
Franklin, MA 02038

Pickleball Court FAQ in Franklin, MA

Which state is pickleball most popular?

States Where Pickleball is Most Popular The state with the most Google search traffic surrounding pickleball is – *DRUMROLL* – Utah!

Where can you not step in pickleball?

The seven-foot zone on each side of the net is known as the non-volley zone, more commonly referred to as “the kitchen” of a pickleball court. Players are not permitted to volley while standing in it. The kitchen rule exists to prevent a player from standing at the net and smashing every hit.

What ceiling height is needed for pickleball?

What is the Height Clearance for a Pickleball Court? Pickleball is played both inside and on outdoor pickleball courts. It is recommended that an indoor vertical height clearance of between 18- and 20-feet is maintained above the court.

What is the best surface to play pickleball on?

Asphalt or Concrete both provide an acceptable base for pickleball courts. Make sure to review surfacing requirements before having the base installed, as there are recommended specifications for slope, drainage, and surface finish, and overall construction.

Can just 2 play pickleball?

Like many racket sports, pickleball is for two to four players. One person serves the ball; then it’s hit back and forth across the net to earn points.

Can you land in the kitchen after hitting the ball in pickleball?

In pickleball, when can you be in the kitchen? Pickleball players are allowed inside the kitchen (non-volley zone) only after the ball has bounced. It is common practice for experienced players to casually step into the kitchen to return a short dink. If you step into the kitchen, be sure to exit as soon as you can.

What is pickleball etiquette?

Never make calls for your opponent’s side of the court. Never ask for (nor accept) line calls from spectators. Play with all skill levels. Good sportsmanship is the rule. If you want a stronger/more competitive game, stack your paddles together as a group and wait your turn.

What is the most important skill in pickleball?

Dinking. Dinking is essential to any pickleball strategy. This is a move that isn’t just an important part of your arsenal but should be your primary skill. Anyone that’s been to a pickleball training camp will tell you the same.

Is wood or aluminum better for pickleball?

Wood paddle cores are generally the best option for pickleball beginners.

What is sandbagging in pickleball?

A: The practice of sandbagging—athletes competing in tournaments below their actual skill level to increase their chances of winning—has invaded pickleball, partly due to the game’s surging popularity.

Does pickleball require a lot of running?

Described as a mix between tennis, badminton and ping-pong, pickleball is very social. It’s also easy to learn and it doesn’t require a lot of running.

Can you jump and land in the kitchen in pickleball?

Can you ever go in the kitchen in pickleball? You can go in the kitchen in pickleball at any time during a game but you can’t stand in the kitchen and volley the ball. This means that if the ball has bounced, you can stand in the kitchen and hit the ball.

Will a pickleball bounce on grass?

Essentially yes, there is no stopping you from playing non-serious pickleball on a grassy surface. However, you would find competitive, professional pickleball competitions played on it for the simple reason it leads to variability of bounce.

Is there a dress code for pickleball?

Is There a Dress Code for Pickleball? No! Pickleball is all about choice on the court, it’s one of the things people love about it. One tip about pickleball apparel to keep in mind is that there tends to be a lot of color on the court, so there’s no reason to go for the conservative look.

Is pickleball a good workout?

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, suggests that pickleball can provide a moderate workout for middle-aged or older people. But they would need to play as much as 4.5 hours a week to meet recommended exercise guidelines.