Pickleball Folsom CA

Find the best places to play pickleball near you in Folsom, CA. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we can help you discover the top locations to play pickleball in Folsom, CA. From indoor and outdoor courts to community centers and parks, we can connect you with places to play pickleball in Folsom, CA and help you find the perfect match for your skill level and preferences.

Local Businesses

Showcase Ballroom

330 E Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630


916- 357-5050
241 Blue Ravine Rd
Folsom, CA 95630

Savvy Fitness

916- 351-1313
321 Iron Point Rd
Folsom, CA 95630

Broadstone Racquet Club

(916) 983-9180
820 Halidon Way
Folsom, CA 95630

Robinson’S Taekwondo


Folsom, CA 95630

Sports Authority

2799 E Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630

Jazzercise Folsom Blanche Sprentz Elementary School

249 Flower Dr.
Folsom, CA 95630

Jazzercise Folsom Hawkins School Of Performing Arts

118 Woodmere Rd.
Folsom, CA 95630

Fitness 19 Folsom

(916) 989-0190
9580 Oak Avenue Pkwy
Folsom, CA 95630

Pure Athletics Human Performance Center

(916) 933-1092
990 Riley St
Folsom, CA 95630

Women Only Wellness

916- 984-9222
820 Wales Dr # 3
Folsom, CA 95630


(916) 791-6267
9580 Oak Avenue Pkwy # 10
Folsom, CA 95630

Curves Folsom

1008 E Bidwell St – Ste 200
Folsom, CA 95630

Weight Watchers

630 E Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630

Inner Source A Division Of Material Source Inc

(916) 608-9284
110 Elkins Cir
Folsom, CA 95630

Butterfly Life

25035 Blue Ravine Rd
Folsom, CA 95630

Folsom Takewondo Inc

(916) 983-1735
330 E Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630

Valley Breeze Fitness Llc

(916) 357-5050

Folsom, CA 95630

Free Motion Fitness

(916) 817-2438
110 Lynton Ct
Folsom, CA 95630

Valley Breeze Fitness Llc


Folsom, CA 95630

Pickleball FAQ in Folsom, CA

What does Dill mean in pickleball?

Dill Ball – A ball in play; a standard shot that has bounced once on the opponent’s side. Dink – A shot struck softly so it drops into the opponent’s non-volley zone and is often difficult to return.

What is a Bert in pickleball?

A Bert is an advanced-level shot where a player leaps over the kitchen on the opposite side of the court to volley a ball. It is similar to an Erne, but becomes a Bert when the player crosses from the left side of the court to the right sideline or vice versa.

Can you make a pickleball court in your backyard?

Pickleball Points: Yes, you can have a court in your own backyard — for a price.

Does pickleball have a dress code?

Does Pickleball Have a Dress Code? Pickleball doesn’t have an official dress code. For top performance benefits, it’s best to wear breathable, moisture-wicking clothing designed for athletes.

How many times a week should you play pickleball?

On average, for the most health benefits, you should plan to play pickleball three days a week, says BrainMD. This schedule gives you time to rest and recover your body in between games. Some people may wish to play pickleball more often, such as four or five times a week.

What is the average age of a pickleball player?

Players aged 18 to 34 were the second largest age bracket, making up 18.5% of total participants. The average age of pickleball players was 38.1 years in 2021.

Why is pickleball called pickle?

In the summer of 1965, pickleball was founded by Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Within days, Joan Pritchard had come up with the name “pickle ball”—a reference to the thrown-together leftover non-starters in the “pickle boat” of crew races.

Can a 70 year old play pickleball?

Active older adults are especially drawn to the fun sport: The SFIA report notes that among the 1.4 million “core” participants — defined as those who play at least eight times a year — 60 percent are 55 or older and more than 33.7 percent are 65 or older.

What are the 5 basic rules of pickleball?

Rule 1: No volleying in “”the kitchen”” Rule 2: There must be one bounce per side. Rule 3: You must serve at the baseline. Rule 4: Serves cannot land in the non-volley zone. Rule 5: The game ends at 11, 15, or 21 points.

How do you get in shape for pickleball?

Get Moving Walking and running are important components of pickleball. Increasing your stamina by continually going for a brisk walk or run will assist with your game when it’s time to get back on the court. Additionally, it’ll assist in your cardiovascular health.

What is the 10 second rule in pickleball?

One of the most forgotten rules of pickleball is the 10 second rule. Once the score has been called, the server has 10 seconds to make their serve. If over that time limit then he/she is called for a fault and lose their serve. Rather simple and it keeps the game moving.