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Find the best places to play pickleball near you in Danville, CA. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we can help you discover the top locations to play pickleball in Danville, CA. From indoor and outdoor courts to community centers and parks, we can connect you with places to play pickleball in Danville, CA and help you find the perfect match for your skill level and preferences.

Local Businesses

Dermatiq Medi Spa

(925) 736-8888
4165 Blackhawk Plaza Cir
Danville, CA 94506

Jazzercise Danville Grange Hall

743 Diablo Rd.
Danville, CA 94526

Danville Fitness Bally Total Fitness

101 Town And Country Drive
Danville, CA 94526

Jazzercise Danville Oak Hills Community Center

3005 Stone Valley Rd.
Danville, CA 94526

Bally Total Fitness Center

(925) 838-4960
103 Town And Country Dr
Danville, CA 94526

Bally Total Fitness

(925) 736-0898
3466 Blackhawk Plaza Cir
Danville, CA 94506

Sanramon Vlly Ymca

1029 La Gonda Way
Danville, CA 94526

Curves For Women

925- 964-0404
9500 Crow Canyon Rd
Danville, CA 94506

American Yoga College

(925) 648-4665
222 Laurelglen Ct
Danville, CA 94506

Crow Canyon Management Corp

(925) 735-5700
711 Silver Lake Dr
Danville, CA 94526

Danville Karate International

(925) 820-9612
105 Town And Country Dr
Danville, CA 94526

Bally Total Fitness

(925) 743-3919
101 Town And Country Dr
Danville, CA 94526

Functional Fitness

925- 362-8001
294 Railroad Ave
Danville, CA 94526

Blackhawk Country Club

925- 736-6500
599 Blackhawk Club Dr
Danville, CA 94506

Holbrook Heights Community Assn

(925) 671-2205
Po Box 3428
Danville, CA 94526

Del Amigo Pool Association

(925) 362-0723
601 Glen Rd
Danville, CA 94526

Blackhawk Country Club

(925) 855-8313
9 Tennis Club Dr
Danville, CA 94506

Crunch Gym – Blackhawk

(925) 272-5600
3464 Blackhawk Plaza
Danville, CA 94506

Jazzercise Danville The Next Step Dance Studio

109 Town And Country Dr.
Danville, CA 94526

Mustang Soccer League

(925) 831-1323
103 Town And Country Dr
Danville, CA 94526

Pickleball FAQ in Danville, CA

Do you flick your wrist in pickleball?

Players snap their wrists when they volley. Keep your form simple. It is too much to time a moving ball with a lot of motion from the player. Also, if you have a lot of extra movement in your body and swing, it’s hard to pin-point what went wrong.

Is pickleball a good sport for seniors?

Playing pickleball and other racket sports helps with hand-eye coordination. This is something that as we age is important, since it is required for many daily activities like eating or driving. These exercises also help with balance which is under threat with age, but essential to maintain to help avoid falls.

What is the size of pickleball court?

For recreational players, a standard pickleball court measures 20 feet by 44 feet. USA Pickleball’s guidance on minimum playing surfaces requires the court to sit evenly inside a 30-foot width and 64-foot length, which adds 10 feet to the width and 20 feet to the length.

Is pickleball easier than tennis?

Yes, pickleball is easier to learn than tennis. The court is smaller, it requires less strength or intensity to hit the ball. The paddles in pickleball are lighter and, as a stretch, even the pickleballs are lighter. Since pickleball has a smaller court than tennis there is less moving around.

What is the most difficult thing to do in pickleball?

One of the hardest things to do in the sport of pickleball is to keep the pickleball low (while still over the net). A low pickleball will prevent your opponents from being able to go on the offensive with an aggressive shot.

Can you step in the kitchen after you hit in pickleball?

You can jump and land in the kitchen in pickleball so long as you aren’t hitting the ball as a volley. This would be a fault if your body is in the act of volleying and your momentum lands in the kitchen. If the ball has bounced first, or you just feel like jumping in, this would not violate volley motion.

Is pickleball OK for seniors?

With simple rules and inexpensive equipment, pickleball can be enjoyed by all ages and is a great physical activity for seniors.

What sport is closest to pickleball?

Pickleball might be the most popular sport in the United States, but it’s got a pretty great cousin that just might give pickleball a run for its money: Padel. Where pickleball is (generally) an outdoor sport, padel is an enclosed variant of tennis (indoors or outdoors).

Does height help in pickleball?

Do they really have an advantage? In general, yes. Tall pickleball players have a natural advantage that you can do nothing about. Similar to how Michael Phelps has an advantage in swimming due to his extraordinary wingspan, these types of pickleball players have a natural advantage due to their height.

Do you have to be in shape to play pickleball?

Pickleball is typically played as doubles (with two teams of two), but can also be played one-to-one. The smaller court size makes pickleball easier on the body — there’s no need to cover a huge area on foot the way you may need to while playing tennis — so athletic prowess isn’t a prerequisite here.

What are the 3 etiquettes of pickleball?

Remember: Pickleball is only a game. Begin each game by acknowledging the other players and introducing yourself if you don’t know them. If the ball is out and it’s on your side, call it out. Never ask for (nor accept) line calls from spectators. Play with all skill levels.

What are 5 common mistakes that a beginner pickleball players often make?

Rush When Serving. The fast fire nature of pickleball keeps us moving through points smoothly and with few breaks. Take Their Eyes Off The Ball. Wear The Wrong Shoes. Don’t Move Their Feet. Panic. Wrapping Up: Add In Some Practice Time.

Do you run a lot in pickleball?

Described as a mix between tennis, badminton and ping-pong, pickleball is very social. It’s also easy to learn and it doesn’t require a lot of running.